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conspecific adj : belonging to the same species; "cultivated cabbage and wild cabbage are conspecific" n : an organism belonging to the same species as another organism

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  1. Of, or belonging to the same species


  1. An organism belonging to the same species as another

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Conspecificity is a concept in biology. Two or more individual organisms, populations, or taxa are termed conspecific if they belong to the same species.
The antonym is heterospecificity: two individuals are heterospecific if they are considered to belong to different biological species.
Where different species can interbreed and their gametes compete then conspecific gametes take precedence over heterospecific gametes. This is known as conspecific sperm precedence or conspecific pollen precedence in plants. See the discussion of mirror neuron in which a neuron fires both when the animal performs an action and when the animal sees another animal perform the same action.
conspecific means other members of the species
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